Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

We’re you recently subjected to fire damages at your commercial property. Our professionals at Elements of Restoration can take on the job of commercial fire damage restoration for you. No matter what state your building has been left we restore to a working condition to get your business back up and running.

We start by check all areas, room by room to see if fire damage has occurred. We document every indication of damage to work with your insurance company. Commercial fire damage restoration can be costly and if your restoration team isn’t documenting damages correctly you could end up eating the costs that otherwise would have been covered.

Afterwards we’ll begin the process of trying to salvage equipment or remove it entirely. Next we build a fire damage restoration plan that allows us quickly restore your property back to normal.

We filter the air with industrial powered fans to remove smoke toxins in the air. The high powered filters not only remove foul odors but they can remove undetected particles that can be harmful to your health.

To finish the job, we’ll help you replace anything that cannot be replaced including, flooring, walls, furniture, and other building equipment. Once the new building materials are in place we’ll return and salvaged equipment. We conclude by testing the air to make sure it safe and habitable.

Insurance companies, construction/building salvation all at once can be incredibly overwhelming let the our team take care of your commercial fire damage restoration project.