Marijuana Cleanup

Have you recently had the need to clean up a grow house on your property. Landlords dealing with hidden marijuana grow operations can only rely on experienced professionals.

At Elements of Restoration, we can help tackle all the aspects needed for a proper marijuana cleanup project. Many companies simply remove leftover marijuana and growing equipment. Our professionals can fully remove products and test the residence for any possible outbreaks.

Why Should I Worry About Mold?

Marijuana thrives in high moisture environments so it’s quite likely that a unattended grow operation is highly susceptible to mold growth.

Industrial Marijuana Odor Removal

As many know the stench of marijuana can indefinitely affect a property and without proper removal can leave a lingering scent.

We use industry leading air purifying technology that clear up even the foulest marijuana smell.

We have a variety of different industrial air purifiers that can handle the job no matter the size or type of grow operation. Call us today to begin cleaning up marijuana from your property.

Experienced Restoration Professionals

We handle a variety of different restoration projects and if your project involves removal custom grow set ups, hazardous light fixtures, or even water damaged area our team restore your property back to it’s original state.

Marijuana Cleanup Near You

We proudly service Denver, Houston, Nashville, Myrtle Beach and surrounding counties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team members can be on location within 2 hours if you need to begin the removal process right away.

Marijuana Removal Services

Small time growers try a variety of different ways to grow pot no matter the size of the residence. Our marijuana cleanup professionals have experience with all kinds of grow operations and can properly remove the set up in a timely manner.

We provide the following marijuana cleanup services:

  • Potted Plant Eradication
  • Lighting and Ventilation Hardware Removal
  • Hydroponic and Aeroponic System Elimination
  • Concentrate Manufacture Tools And Products
  • Environmental Mold Testing
  • Marijuana Odor Expulsion

Top Rated Marijuana Removal Company

We proudly maintain 4.68 stars on Home Advisor and 5 stars on Google. Marijuana cleanups can be a sticky and hazardous job call us today and let us take care of the situation.