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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Are you currently facing large water damages to your commercial property? At Elements of Restoration we can take on the job of commercial water damage restoration from beginning to end for you. Our team members are IICRC to properly test your property for any possibly mold outbreaks that might occur from the water damage. Not only that but our team will work with your insurance company to see what repairs are covered.

We start by check all areas, room by room to see where water damage has taken place. We document every indication of water damage to provide a detailed report for your insurance company. Commercial water damage restoration in Denver can be costly and if your restoration team isn’t documenting areas of damage properly you could paying the repairs right out of your pocket.

We’ll then test the air throughout your property to make sure mold has not begun to spread into the environment.

If mold is dected we use industrial powered fans to remove mold particles in the air. The high powered filters not only remove odors from water damage but also remove particles that don’t give off a smell.

To finish the commercial water damage restoration job, we replace any need building equipment including, floors, vents, counters, insulations, and anything else needed.

We conclude the fire damage restoration project by testing the air one last time to make sure it safe for a work environment.

Dealing with all these tasks at once can be frustrating and time consuming let the our team bring your commercial property back to normal.